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in no particular order

bones s7
glee s3 Blu Ray
dashmat for my car
non fluffy steering wheel cover for my car
once upon a time s1
LOTR 3d puzzles see here: http://www.gamesworld.com.au/shop/3d-4d-puzzles/wrebbit-3d-819pc-minas-tirith-citadel/ and http://www.gamesworld.com.au/shop/3d-4d-puzzles/wrebbit-3d-742pc-golden-hall-edoras/

Forever Night has a new home on Jcink Forum Boards!

Here's our new add and new links!

BJT FAN's UNITE by ~SilkenWebs on deviantART

Forever Night is an RPG set in Anne Bishop's Realms of the Blood, as seen in her Black Jewels Trilogy novels. The Realms are home to a race of people known as the Blood, who possess magical ability. They live in a matriarchal society, where women rule and the males protect. A world of powerful queens and savage Warlord Princes, proud centaurs and the deadly and private elven race, the Dea Al Mon. A world full of mystery and intrigue, Romance and adventure.

Enter the Realms at Forever Night, where the fate of the Blood is up to you.

  • FN is a community open to everyone, we accept all players from beginners to advanced. We offer a mentor program for those just starting out in RP or in the Realms or who just want some advice on their role playing.

  • We have a quick application system to have you playing in no time! No lengthy word counts!

  • Transfer characters are welcome! So dust off that old favorite and head on over.

  • Our staff are friendly and active and always happy to help with any query.

  • We have heaps of great plots running with plenty of openings for new characters, Want to start your own plot? No worries! We have many territories still to be claimed for plots!

  • Join our Facebook community to keep track of interesting threads and all board news. Its easy as clicking LIKE!

Forever Night
Where the fate of the Blood is in your hands.

[Beginners Guide][Advertising]

Man has it been a long time since i posted on livejournal! Like seriously, i think my last post was from the year 2009. It is now 2011. So at least 3 years.

A LOT has happened since then, for one i now have a job, a boyfriend and a cat of my very own...as much of a butface as he is.

Actually come to think of it i probably had a job in '09 as well... oh well, i most definately didn't have a boyfriend or a cat.

I also have an RPG

FN is back up and running again for the third time, and so far we've been open for 5 months and we're having a blast, here's the add, feel free to pop in!

A young mother sat down next to her children who were already tucked in and ready for bed. Story time it was to be and a story she had to tell. The children looked up at her from their beds with eager faces. “A long time ago” she began “There lived a young girl. A very special young girl, her name was Jaenelle. ”

So many years have passed that the names of those who had such a huge role in shaping the future of the blood that their names have passed beyond time into the realm of myth and legend.

“Jaenelle’s parents didn’t understand how special she was, they thought she was sick and sent her to stay in a hospital for a lot of the time."

Once more the blood travels dark roads, once more the allure of greed and power pulls at their hearts.

“... and she created a special spell that would get rid of the bad people so that only the good at heart would be left to look after the land”

Will the blood fall into the same traps? Will the blood once more become tainted. Will Witch ever again need to walk the realms?
What happens next is up to you.

Join us now at http://z6.invisionfree.com/ForeverNight Where YOU decide the fate of the blood.

-Forever Night is open to all levels of Role Player whether you’re just starting out or a pro.
-We have a friendly and helpful staff waiting to help you with any Query
-We also accept transfers from other boards so if you have an old favourite Character that you’ve been itching to play. Dust them off and fill in an Application.

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Graphics Portfolio as of 23/7/09
[Unknown LJ tag]Graphic HeavyCollapse )

it's not very good... but i'm working on making it better

[b][u]Character Details[/b][/u]

[b]Name:[/b]Lucivar Yaslana (“Prick”, “Yasi”,), Warlord Prince of Ebon Rih.

 [b]Caste:[/b]Warlord Prince

[b]Jewels[/b]Red to Ebon Gray
[b]Home Territory[/b] Askavi ~ Ebon Rih


In a break from Eyrien tradition Lucivar Yaslana wears his hair long, letting it fall to his shoulders. His golden eyes a testimony to both of the long lived races that make up his blood, whereas his golden skin is more akin to the Hayllian race of his father than that of the Eyrien breed. His mixed heritage luckily though didn’t deprive him of the crowning glory of the Eyrien people, His wings.

He has a warriors build, fit from years of fighting and years of training. His back ripples with strong muscles, muscles that Jaenelle once painstakingly rebuilt after he had flown the Khaldaron Run, intent on suicide, determined to die in flight.  Lucivar is not a short man and he can cut a very imposing figure with wings spread to full length (And no it’s not always true that your wing span is equivalent to you’re...).

Lucivar inherited his good looks from his father, lending him a well shaped jaw line and straight nose. Though not gifted with the inane beauty of his brother, he is none the less a very handsome man.  He has a more rugged look than his brother, though he has still found himself in many situations where his looks have gotten him in trouble. Lucivar moves with a kind of feral grace, like a hawk in the sky or a predator upon the ground, Preferring to don leather pants and loose shirts, or simply no shirt at all Lucivar is not one easily looked over.


If one thing can be said about Lucivar, it’s that he’s Eyrien through and through. Despite his dual heritage the Eyrien nature has never been repressed in his life. He can be an arrogant stubborn snarly male when he wants to and he has never been one to back down from a fight. He fought many battles in his life in Terreille. Battles for life, and battles for pride, he even fought one battle intent on death when he felt all hope was lost.

As a young boy though a father he never used to remember drilled into him a solid code of morals that he has never forgotten nor been able to let go of. This code has kept him true to himself and helped shape him into the man he has become. Despite his pride and inbred arrogance he has never fought a battle which was not deserved.

To add fuel to the fire, Lucivar is a warlord prince. The caste amongst the blood that are known for their passionate violence, and violent passion. Lucivar loves completely, and he fights completely, never one to do anything by half.

[b]History[/b]([i]tell us about the important moments that helped shape your character in their past[/i])


[b]RP sample[/b]([i] a sample of your character in an rp style[/i])

[b]Celebrity[/b]Bruno Santos

[b]Player Name[/b]Kitty

I LOVE STARGATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is all.

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ok, so i haven't been on in a while... mostly coz nothing of any sort of interest has been happening with me. For the last.... however long it's been little more than Work, Sleep, RPG, Eat, and over again.

But of late there has at least been a new flavour in the RPG part of that ...routine.

Presenting Xmen: The Takeover. A new movieverse RPG Created by Saberninny and Your's truly.


The world is changing.

Upon the discovery of the mutant “cure” all hell broke loose. Some mutants rushed to get the drug, others protested that there was nothing to cure, while the “normal’s” sat at home watching it all on the news, or others still sat in office considering bills for mutant registration. “For the good of the people” they said,” too keep the mutant population under control” they said, “to stop them robbing banks or abusing their powers “They said.

They had allowed a mutant into their midst, Professor Henry “Hank” McCoy, better known amongst the mutant community as “The Beast.” Hank’s job was to oversee mutant affairs, and make sure that the mutant population was treated fairly and with respect. After the incident at Alcatraz, the government, and indeed many of the human people became suspicious of mutants, the Government cracked down on Mutant affairs, and tension is growing in the office as Hank McCoy battles for his people. -–


The cure.
Some thought it was a blessing, others a curse.
Little did they know its effects were not permanent, and after the events at Alcatraz, there is little hope of a new supply.--

Rumours spring forth from the darkness of a mutant underground living and hiding in the darkness beneath the city streets of New York. Rumours that they’re trouble makers, rebels, plotting slowly in the deep reaches of the New York sewer system. Plotting the day when they will rise up from there exile and live in the light once more. While on the surface, every day new factions arise, mutant and human alike, each fighting for their own cause, their own ends.--


Rumours spread like wildfire.
Rumours that Magneto may once again be returning to power after being dosed with the “cure” at Alcatraz.
Rumours that his nemesis, and one time friend Charles Xavier has again arisen, back from the dead as it were.
Rumours the government discussed the future of mutants behind closed doors. The Registration act is and was only the beginning, only god knows what lies ahead.--

The world is changing.
And through it all, one sleeps.
One who will soon awake to face it all.--

Click image to be taken to our board

Hope to see you there!

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Just posting this here for a friend to see.

“There comes a time in the life of every person, where a single decision or action can determined the course of their life. It can determine whether a person will be a doctor or a janitor, a pianist or an army officer. It is these choices who shape who we are, who we become, and shape the courses of our lives. For years scientists have theorised that when a person reaches one of these crossroads, an alternate reality is born for each of the infinite possibilities born in that moment. This is what is known as the Multiverse Theory.”

Jean grey’s long absent voice intoned as she stood at the front of the classroom. It had been a long time coming, this moment, a long time coming indeed.

Jean Grey looked out over the eager and not so eager faces of her students, her thoughts drifting back over the years that had passed, and lead her here to this very moment.

“So!” She spoke suddenly, causing more than one of her students to jump in their seats. “Who wants to hear a story that is related to today’s class, but is, i hope far more interesting.” Her face was eager, and she watched as her students expressions changed to match her own, some of them voicing their opinion and encouraging her to tell her story.

“Well this story started, as many story’s do...

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I think i'd be elliott. because we have a lot in common, crazy being the most important one XD

I think my cat would be the janitor. super smart, but stuck in a dead end job, and having to find ways to pass the time. I think we'd all be in a lot of trouble if Dimmy was a human. He'd take over the world XD

so who do you think you or your friends would be if they were on scrubs?

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Why is it that when i have abeautiful idea in my head for a drawing, or painting or anything similar, i can't get it down on paper?

It always ends up sideways or skewed or just completely different to how i pictured it.

But when i'm drawing from a photo, or a sketch, or from someone elses idea's it turns out perfect?

it's really frustrating.

I have two fantastic idea's for art at the moment, floating in my head, and i can't even manage to get the base sketches down.

hi all btw,


any who... help!

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